I love my king.

One month... that Bangkok was rampage until now...

I'm not any color t-shirt.

Just want some 'PEACE'.

I want some peace for my king.

I love my king.



Beside the sea :)

What's going on today? ::
Wooooohooooooo!! I'm in Hua-Hin right now!! XD Just stay far far away from disorder. ;)
I'm staying at my condo name 'BAAN SANSUK', eating Jelly bears and cherry candies, reading ELLE April issue.

*a little detail, isn't cute?*

I wanna cutting my hair right now!

my hair is too long for this season. However, I want to cut my hair because I didn't go to salon and cut my hair for 2 years!! And I'm bored this hair style. So that is the reason why I want to cut my hair.
I want something like this,
*too simply? lol*


info: - Cat cat and cat T-Shirt {@ Cicada Market}
- Shorts {Bluecorner}

*Bluecorner shorts, pumpkin style ;D*

* I bought this T-shirt yesterday. :D I don't know why I love this shirt at first sight. <3<3<3*

PS. Finally, I got the one from my wish list, PINK nail polish! WOW!!